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By Baptism
As you've guessed, the forums have been updated. At this time, there are some styling issues. We hope to have it fixed soon.
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By Rek
Also -- most broken avatars have been fixed and the upload avatar section has been corrected so you may now upload your own avatar more easily.

Only thing that is missing is when you go onto the forums main page with all the topics, I would like it if I can know instantly who has made a reply so I don't have to go through all boxes checking. Other than that, everything looks great :shock:

For example:
EGBDL 2015 (Draft)
Extreme Games Base Duel League 2015.
Draft starts January 4th!

Last Post: Name (December 28, 2014)

(Topics: 18 | Posts:282)
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By Rek
Yeah, we're working on a recent topics mod. Hope to have it up and running soon.
After looking at the forums 10+ times now, I now feel that the spacing for each topic should be spread out more and my eyes feels more tired. Not sure if its the font style, font color, or font (bold,italics,underline).

Just my opinion.

Edit: Not this topic, but when you go to a forum and scroll down.

Edit: Baptism did mention "style" issues, maybe it is that
Lets say I am browsing a forum as a guest and I want to log in.
I log in with my username and password.
It currently does not redirect me to the thread I am viewing, but back to the forums main page. :cry:
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By Rek
I've added a "Recent Topics" section to the forum -- hopefully that helps a little bit.

Doc -- good points. I'll see what we can do with the styling. Things are a bit close.

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