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By Baptism
This is a courtesy message to let players know that a temporary server has been activated until the original zone comes back.

The zone name is "SSCU Extreme Games (backup)"

To download a new zone:

1. Go to: View > Zones
2. Click "Download"
3. Double click the new zone (make sure it's highlighted green.)
4. Click "OK"

Thanks for your understanding! Hope server will be up sometime in 2014, :lol:
By Coho
We are still not back correct? I suck at computer stuff so I want to make sure Im not missing anything...
By TheDruid-3X3
This whole thing has really Killed The Game in the Mornings.

Just got on and there was No One and I ended up being Specced for High Packet Loss before I could even Score One Goal.

And last night, there was No One Playing either. Looks to me this whole thing could be Death for EG.


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