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By Wormhole-Surfer
Baptism wrote:Let me know what you think!
Do you really mean that?
By Wiggly&Jiggly
I think it looks really good, very clean. There are a few typos/errors though:

MiTeY wrote:Tutorial section: "Marco" help; that was one thing I spotted at a glance.
and what I have found:
1. rules page under contesting a ban "b) Your in-game EG nick or nicks affected (not forum nick)"
affected should be effected

2. staff is outdated

3. history page under gameplay "are Capture the flag zones"
Capture the Flag, capitalize the F in flag
By Stryfe
New news on mochibera....and it's sad
By Baptism
Working on finishing my move and new position.

Once I get settled, I'll update!

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