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By Cyp
Unfortunately we didn't get very many signups for EGSL. It's kind of easy to see why when people weren't familiar with the name or anything. Anyways I've decided to do Egbdl/Egedl 2013 starting sometime just after the new year after all the holidays are over with. If you sign up using the egbdl bot in the egbdl arena you'll recieve a prize. The reason I chose egbdl and egedl was because they've been our most successful leagues in the past couple years since the population decline and we won't need as many per team since it will be 4v4 in each arena, thus providing us with a chance to have more teams participate in the league. We'll use the same formats as before and hopefully having a month to prepare we can get as many people as we can signing up for this league. If you have any other ideas of ways to get people back to eg and playing in the leagues please don't hesitate to let a mod or myself know.
By s_fcdb
Sign up bot moved to ?go egbdl sign up commands are !egbdl.s and !
Well for starters you guys could maybe make a post on forums and have Forum signups, then add them manually to the bot. That would get a couple more people signed up.

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