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By Toretto
I have changed the layout of forums to reduce its complexities.

1. Merged Bot + EG development
2. Merged Squad News and Squad Forums
3. Created "Best of" Forum
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By mattyoung
good job son.

But what on earth is the best of for?
By Toretto
A forum that houses the results of the best of say 2 0 1 2, 2 0 1 1, 2 0 1 0 and etc
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By mattyoung
Oh so maybe you could merge best of and league results..
they pretty much go hand in hand
By TheDruid-3X3
This new Arena also has something that I have never seen before.

If you Drop Out Of Bounds, the Flag is Automatically put back into the Game.

I like that. :mrgreen:


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