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By jaXen
So I have put a lot of time into trying to find the rosters from every egfl in the past. It was very hard to find the official RisinBlood rosters for egsc and egsc2 (the first two egfl's) but I was able to find them. I will link them so you know it's official. The only roster I wasn't able to find was when Mutiny won (if you can find it feel free to link it). So my spreadsheet may look complicated but it's really not. I put numbers beside people names as they won titles to show how many total they have won. I will post another thread that shows who has the most titles. I did this because it is nice to have everything in one place. Another thing that I hope will happen is that a list of all of the winning rosters will go in .?go egfl. I think it's important to have this in there to give recognition rather than just a blank arena with some bases. This can be done for .?go egdl too if I can get all of the rosters for the previous teams.


Edit: You can see all the league champion rosters now on the one link. You can tab through the sheets at the bottom of the excel sheet. ... sp=sharing

RisinBlood Roster from EGSC: ... ages&pid=6

This one has other rosters from EGSC which is pretty neat: ... p?squad=10

RisinBlood Roster from EGSC2: ... 6&mid=1710
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By jaXen
Optimal wrote:i thi nk even i made one one time.
A lot of the old stuff was deleted when the forums got switched unfortunately. :/
LOL heres old an EGDL draft/website. Take a look at who got drafted in round 38 (optimal)
By jaXen
EEL wrote:I have 3 EGFL championships Mutiny, Grid and Explosive. pfft
I will fix that. The official mutiny roster is the only roster I couldn't find.
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By dreownsu
lol which egdl was that?
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By dreownsu
hmm maybe i didnt play that one lol
By Ioth
rabbit! wrote:
PAT wrote:LOL heres old an EGDL draft/website. Take a look at who got drafted in round 38 (optimal)
Nice, didn't even remembered I was on that egdl. Still got picked 8 rounds before optimal, ez.
You're welcome 8)

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