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By TheDruid-3X3
Awens to All:

I have recently been having the worst Problem with Outlook Mail lately.

It seems to be loosing all my Email Addresses lately.

I register in all the Email Addresses and within a couple of days, they are all Erased.

I have already suspected a Hacker, so I changed my Access Pass Word.

But I have been Hacking Like Crazy to figure out how to created an Address Backup File in my D Drive so that I can simply do an Import Address from a Backed Up File and Restore my Addresses in Outlook Mail.

I have Messaged Microsoft to send me the Instructions on how to create a Backup File of my Email Addresses but I have had no response.

How do you create an Email Address Backup File from your Outlook Mail Account?

I did a Googling on the Issue and found this Link: ... rtFAQ/2055

Turned out that I was forgetting to tag off Addresses first before doing the Backup.

Loaded back in about 30 Email Addresses and did a Test Backup and it Worked.

So now I have figured out how to Back Up my Outlook Mall Address Book.

Will do that from now on now seeing as my Personal Addresses suddenly disappeared from my Outlook Mail without Explanation except I think it is my Cell Phone switching itself on in my Pocket and Reprogramming Itself and somehow accessing my Email Account and somehow Deleting my Email Addresses.

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