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By TheDruid-3X3
Awens to All:

I got an Email that was called "See This" from someone that I Trust and I clicked on it.

It said that in order to see the Video, I had to enter my Password into my Hotmail Account to see the Video.

It turned out to be an Advertisement for an I-Phone.

Then my Email Inbox filled up with all sorts of Email Reject Messages! When I logged into this Email to see the Video, it turned around and Hacked into my Hotmail Address Book and automatically forwarded their Advertising Email to everyone that I know, thus now making me look like a Shit-Head Spammer!


So I had to quickly changed my Hotmail Account Password and I am now trying to work out how to change my BC Forums Account Password.

They now have my Password for a lot of my Internet Message Board Accounts, so I am now going to have to run around like a Chicken with my Head Cut Off changing all my Passwords!


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By Lee
internet is a dangerous place, never give out your passwords :(
By TheDruid-3X3
How to I change my EG Forums Password?!

FAQ describes how to get a new Password if you forget it, but not how to Change Your Password!

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By Lee
Click on user control panel (2nd from left on the top), then choose Profile and Edit account settings
By TheDruid-3X3
I just finished changing all of my Passwords on all the various Websites that I am Registered on.

There is one thing that I have noticed that is common about this Trojan Horse Advertising Email.

It came to me titled as "very good".

It went out to everyone in my Address Book as "amazing!"

And when two of the people in my Address Book opened the Email and activated the Trojan Horse Email, it came back to me as "incredible!".

So that shows that this Advertising Trojan Horse Email changes its name every time it gets Activated.

So watch out for any Email that is Simply Titled that requires you to Re-Enter your Email Pin Number in order to see it.

By TheDruid-3X3
Awens to All:

I got up this morning and when I went to check my emails, I discovered that my Account was Blocked.

I had to go through a whole battery of Security Questions and BS before my Account was Restored and I could access it again.

If you Trigger Off one of those Annoying Advertising Trojan Horses, you could end up with your Email Account Shut Down for causing Spam to happen.

So watch out for when you get a Link to see Pictures or watch a Video that requires you to type in your Pin Number!!! It could end you up in a Bad Way!

The last time that happened to me was in around February 2007 and had let my guard down cause it came in from someone who although I Trust, is obviously not to knowledgeable about Advertising Trojan Horses and Innocently Accidentally (I hope) sent one to me.

By TheDruid-3X3
Another person on my Contacts List Tripped It Off and made a Reply to me that the Link Doesn't Open anymore.

I guess the Sales Website that Originally Generated the Advertising Trojan Horse Spam Email created enough of a Disturbance that they got Tracked Down and their Website Shut Down.

Good Riddance To Them.

By TheDruid-3X3
I just got another one of those Advertising Trojan Horse from another Friend.

I sent him an reply warning him to change his Passwords immediately and then deleted the Advertising Trojan Horse from my Hotmail Account before it could damage anything.

By nunnnez
and all was well in the world again.
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