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By Lee
Hey all!

Next and last FA draft will commence this Sunday after last scheduled game is over. Right after FA draft is over, rosters will be also closed and no drops, trades or signups will be allowed. FA draft will take place in a similar manner as previously with random %freq number and GM numbers being the key to determine the order of draft.

Here is what is different. All GMs are allowed to release any players on their teams during this week to FA draft pool. No players will be dropped from league and will remain on the team until draft. This will give chance for weaker teams to shuffle their inactives or useless players a bit, without having to worry of going too small.
So how does it work? The goal of the draft is to achieve that every team has 21 players at the end of the draft. If team releases 5 players to FA pool, they will get 5 players back from FA pool as well.

Gms who want to release players to FA pool dont need any reason for it, a request on release forum is enough.

Currently we have 5 extra spots free on teams + 10 new players need to be drafted. Current FA signup list has 14 new applicants, which means we need 1 more. Every player after that who signs up will likely be not added to league, unless 10 more follow.

If you ask why this change, it spices things up a bit, gives weaker teams chance to trade the ones who havent been useful for squad and perhaps get back more useful ppl. It also gives GMs a choice, to either be passive and stick with team or take their chances in order of getting someone better back from FA draft. Also i dont like releasing players from league at this stage, they will have no chance of returning as FA draft will be closed, so instead they could be used in draft and maybe they will return and be useful.

In addition, small rule was added yesterday, incase of player subbing in after lagout or dc in egedl, he or she (or sub who subs) will be burned by the ref after entering, in order to avoid abusing that rule to get extra reps.
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By Lee
Current draft list is following:
  • Airez
    Smoking baby
    Pressure/Stroke (thix)
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By Lee
PeeJay wrote:How do I put ppl in draft pool
just request release as before
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By Lee
all rosters updated with drafted players, all rosters now final
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