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By Lee
Hey GMs!

Although this is mainly for you, i figured its good that everyone will understand the concept of how the week-day games will look like.
Each GM can appoint 2 captains, when GM is not online, captains are representatives of team and can challenge and accept challenges for the team. This is a big responsibility and GMs must clearly think of who they want to appoint to avoid inner-squad drama (like accepting a challenge while being clearly not ready).
All captains, GMs and league staff have to join a common chat, that chat gives you idea if refs are available to host, if there are any other team captains online you can challenge etc.
GMs please contact eel with your requests regarding captains.

As for rest its very simple. Once team has a representative online (GM or cap) and enough players, they can challenge any other taem in either baseduel or league match. Please be sure that if you accept this challenge, its basically accepting to play. If you suddenly back down, it will give a forfeit win to other team. CHallenging is simple and basically just consists of a) talking to other team representative b) agreeing with a ref to host the game.
Once host gets acceptance from 2 representatives the game is going to be hosted (within 10 minutes unless agreed differently). If 1 team suddenly backs down, other will get forfeit win.

After game has ended, ref has to post the match stats to forum immediately. I will or eel will update standings at least once per day (if there are any games of course).

Hopefully all teams are active in using this, id really like to boost the population during week and also have players who have hard time playing at weekends have a chance to help their teams.
By Agro!
Is there a cap on how many games you can play during weekdays.

As i see that being abused in multiple ways.
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By Lee
Agro! wrote:Is there a cap on how many games you can play during weekdays.

As i see that being abused in multiple ways.
I fail to see how it could be abused without consent of 2 different squad captains, if that is the case, whoever is in fault will be of course punished.
There are no limits, thats the point why we are using ELO system.
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