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By Jester
1. J e s t e r
2. Vindicta, Octavian, Vicious, Octavius, Rampage, Warhable, Rushing!
3. Swing or Attackl
4. MT ST
By 4bar
signing up slutty aka fate * aka team plow captain.

we agreed that since i'm registering for him , the only valid roster alias he can use is "odb's bitch".

- odb
By Johnson
1. In game name - johnson
2. Past Squads? - idk
3. Strongest Position? - idk
4. Time Zone? - gmt
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By GhostBusters
Alias:ghostbusters/T-Dogg Squads:Aclinal/astro, Apex, Rampage, Octavius, Ruckus, Dogtown, Next, ILL And some ethers to
By nunnnez
1. nunez
2. exalt, blood
3. scrub/asskisser
4. european
1. In game name - Grusome aka CCK
2. Past Squads? Jury, Elitestar, Explosive, Haunt, Grid, Warhable, Ill
3. Strongest Position? Swing any of them 1,2,3
5. Started in 2001
By dkson0
I'm Samsungcharger,
Playing for a while now (2-3 years)

Good Swing and I rush good, each time I rush I get 1 or more kills so I don't let them kill me without revenge!

Fraying -
Good When I have flags and Bounty, Can Get Quite High

So Hope One Of You Can Hook me Up. I play for about an hour - 3 Hours at the most, Everyday (MOST OF THE TIME)
I've Joined some squads like Grieve and Deathstare and A few others and I don't belong to a proper squad at the moment.

I'm Samsungcharger and please msg me on EG. Thank you. ( I'm EST Time )
By Turtle
a few
usually stuck as anch in bd x_x
By Unforsaken
1. Unforsaken
2. I've played in DSB and TW since 1999. Just came to EG the last few months. In Structure atm.
3. I'll learn to play anywhere. I think atm I'm best at anchor.
4. EST

I'm a quick learn, thanks.
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