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By Toretto
Reply with the following information.

1. In game name
2. Ref Experience
3. Time Zone?
kace wrote:Reply with the following information.

1. Game alias
2. Past experience
1. finiTe
2. EGFL (I can be better if my squad match times aren't close to my hosting times again)
By Dirge
Name: Dirge(applying for Dirge) but also hop on names Ebon, Chip Skylark, or Scamper

Ref Experience: I have no experience ref experience but really wanna learn.

Time Zone: Im in EST time zone. I can be online between 4pm-10pm on weekdays and anytime on weekends.
By konii
1. In game name - konii+
2. Ref Experience - EGFL 2010-11, EGDL 2011
3. Time Zone? - Australian (Sydney)
By Avi
1. In game name : Avira+
2. Ref Experience : EGL 2011, someone need to teach me bit more, but i wanna help reffing
3. Time Zone? : Central European Standard Time (CET) is 1 hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT+1).
By s_fcdb
1. In game name - s_fcdb
2. Ref Experience - EGFL (cant remember which year but been awhile), also ran a few own zones.
3. Time Zone? - GMT + 1
By Demokillerz
No official experience in this zone, but Ive been staff positions in random other times in my ss all the times i used to go on whales name when he was mod/ref! years ago ofc :P

By Mangled
1. In game name - Mangled
2. Ref Experience - helped run a few own zones.
3. Time Zone? - GMT + 2
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