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By Lee

Creampie vs Ninja Rangers
In a weird coincidence, there are only 2 teams in this league, which managed to get to semis in both egedl as well as egbdl. They face each other in both formats as well. Creampie as i predicted had alot of problems with Dexterity and managed to barely win in over 2 hours of gaming. With combo back, creampie is really the favourite team in this league and will go to this semifinal as well as a favourite. Creampie has probably the best lineup regarding experienced players, they can use hawkeye, scan, yawn, combo, bog, zig, mci, kute, rico or bombedturtleeater in any combination necessary and do not depend on showups as much as any other teams in this league. Perhaps the lack of truely top anchor is their only weakness, hawk and kute can both do it properly, but hawk is quite often more useful in some other position and kute has tendency of choking at times. Creampie can also balance their team very well between entering laggots like yawn combo and zig or preferring mroe conservative style with scan, bog, mci and hawk.
Ninja Rangers smashed Smooth Op and showed their true power in quarterfinals. The top 4 of trance, sponger, blood line and lee can be a match to any other top 4. NR bench is considerably weaker though and cannot be really compared to Creampie. If any of the starting lineup is missing, defense is perhaps the only similar level sub. Players like s_fcdb, greg, endangered, thix, avira and ocb have also had their gametime in this league, but usually without much success. So the success of NR is largely dependant on the showup. NR is also not as versatile in sense of lineup. They dont really have laggers, apart from ww, who has rarely shown for matches, its entire lineup is based on mainly experienced euroflaggers. Blood line is probably one of the best if not the best bd anchor, which is definitely a huge strength on their side.

Prediction: Creampie to win in 3 games The ability to keep the roster fresh and enter new players in a possibly 2+ hour game will eventually give win to Creampie. NR resistance solely depends on the top guys showing up, if it doesnt happen, it will be quicker game.

Eye Fck vs Tycoon
Now who would have expected these 2 games in a semifinal and one of the teams being in finals. Both teams had a pretty mediocre main season without much activity, but they have really turned around their season and look sharp entering the most important games. Since the draft, i have always considered eye fck as a possible black horse of the tournament. Its roster was never going to be storming in main season due to being inactive, but they really have quality and they have shown it in important scheduled games beating majority of opponents. Sin, peejay, qs, saberclaw, blahhy, bumpa, tou, nunez, fat mouse, trannysaurus, guap and wiggly are all really good baseduellers with alot of variety. They did have some luck in facing a relatively weak showup from gaybirds, but good bench is part of a successful team. Eye Fck goes into this playoff as a favourite team, lets see if their run can continue.
Tycoons story in this league is a real fairytale. Being bashed and trashed for entire season with countless of people asking me to dissolve that team, they managed to secure playoff spot with the last game of the season and now they they took out nr 1 seeded team in this league. What an amazing story for Wildbird and his crew. Tycoon roster is really thin compared to other teams, but it has really found a good balance and teamwork and seems to be very active and showing to games. Wildbird, finite, termi, 17.5, tanke and trik are the key players for this team. They do have some other options, but black boy, monty, moggy and others have been relatively inactive. Relying heavily on termis lag, finites anchoring and wildbirds finishing skills, can they pull another surprise?

Prediction: Eye Fck in 3 games Tycoon will definitely put up a hell of a fight, but i think Eye Fck just has a bit bigger variety in its roster and can take advantage in a longer game.


Creampie vs Ninja Rangers
Before locking horns in bd game, Creampie and NR also face each other in egedl format. Creampie has been the outstanding performer in league so far and looks to be the biggest favourite here as well. With duke-, scan, kute, bombedturtleeater, yawn and hawkeye, they have won majority of their games and go into this semifinal as favourites as well. They do need those players up and motivated though, if they slack in game and underestimate opponents, they can be surprised, as highz showed to some extent in quarterfinals.
NR has had an up and down season, but on an average, it has still been a top team. Greg, flight69, defense, lee, trance and sponger also showed they can do really well in egedl while beating the favoured tycoon team in quarters. But is that enough to take down the biggest favourites in the league?

Creampie in 3 games

Smooth Op vs winner of Gaybirds/Eye Fck
This Saturday we will see which team manages to make it to semifinal from Gaybirds-Eye Fck pair. Gaybirds really should be favourite there, but they had problems with showup, only time can tell if they have more people showing for the decisive game. In any way, the result of this tie depends alot on showups. All 3 teams really rely on their top players showing up, with smooth its bombed, knit, vietside, with Gaybirds its dbz, bacon and with eye fck, well they dont really have any top leaguers apart from qs, who i have seen doing really well.

Prediction: tba (if its Smooth vs Eye fck, i predict SMooth to win, if Smooth vs GB, i predict GB)
By Optimal
i like the bombed in small letters, but i think its pretty obvious that hawkeye wont let turt rush or swing in bd, and zig hawk yawn combo scan are all better leaguers then turt too, also bombed and turt play very different so you can notice pretty good whos playing for real, dont think theyll do that tho but more people tried to cheat in that way however hawkeye does not look like some1 like that to me.

and yeh eye fuck will be a good team for us, we alrdy came very far in this league against all fucking odds, but we wont give up, and give our best vs eye fuck, like we did vs AG. gonna be a hell of a match, and we will do anything we can to prevent them from taking us out

And the year just got worse.

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