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By Lee
First of all i would like to thank you to all teams and GM's who were so active in this league and made it a lot more fun to participate in. Main season is now over and last week produced another 47 (x2 with egedl) games, so we managed to maintain that good ratio for entire period of the league. Never have i also seen all teams still alive by the time playoffs kicking in. Alltogether 253 games were played, American Girls was the most active squad with 82 games played.

Playoff spots are now divided, lets see what teams are favourites, which are not. Also egbdl and egedl are now separated and will follow different path to finals.

American Girls vs Tycoon
AG did a marvellous main season, starting from already early in the league, they have always been the most active squad and been on top or close to top for most of the time. Nao managed to select perhaps the best roster for this type of league, he doesnt really have a top 4, but pretty much half of his roster can bring the results nomatter who gets in. King, odb, nao himself, dtiss, slutty, situ, cotton, rushmore, b0w, bugs have all played equally well and brought the nr.1 seed for the team. All players follow also the same aggressive gamestyle and represent the team plow attitude in this league. But they do have a weakness though. The success behind AG has been the unscheduled games, at weekends, during scheduled games, they have been one of the worst teams. Out of 9 opponents, they lost scheduled games to Creampie, Highz, Gaybirds, Ninja Rangers as well as Eye fck. Some of those losses are of course down to Saturday being an unpleasant day for them, but there are also losses, which make one question, if their large active and equal roster can be their downfall for playoffs? Can they also bring the goods when opponent manages to bring the best of their best in game?
Tycoon was for the longest time the worst baseduel team in this league. Already witnessed the removal of 2 GMs in kute and golfer, wildbird has had alot of issues with the team and until last couple of days, it seemed that they were out of playoffs for good. But they pulled it through. Tycoon has been one of the most active squads recently and their last week rec of 6-3 in games is impressive for low end team. The crushing of Highz 5-0 in scheduled game really showed how much effort and will they put in making it to playoffs and can be considered a threat there. Compared to AG, Tycoon cannot really brag much about their strong and equal roster, but they seem to have found a good working solution with wildbird, tanke, termi and finite as anchor. As an addition to those players, monty, moggy, trik, eatmore and 17.5 have also been part of the squads revival. Looking on paper, Tycoon is clearly the underdog here, but will they pull another shock and manage to give AG their final scheduled game loss?

Prediction: AG to win in 2 games. Tycoon has had a good run, but AG will play on their favourite day and will be prepared for this. King is too experienced player to go down already this early in playoffs and will carry the team to win.

Smooth Op
vs Ninja Rangers
Smooth Op has been a top team for entire period of the league. While rest of top teams have had their ups and downs, Smooth has always managed to balance its performances and has been among positions 1-3rd for more or less entire length of the league. The winning or losing has largely been dependant on 3 key players. Cyp as anchor and knit/bombed as rushers. If any of those 3 has been missing from lineup, smooth has struggled. As the 4th player, smooth has used a variety of different options like eel, unlimited, wagon, vietside, hypo, cust, grower and grenade*. Luckily for Cyp, his top players have been pretty active for most of league. All is not that shiny for SO though. Their biggest strength is also their biggest weakness. They have lost 3 of their scheduled games, vs Creampie, AG and Ninja Rangers, in each of those games one of the mentioned 3 key players was not present. What this means is that SMooth Op most probably relies very heavily on that top 4 playing or else they could be in trouble.
Ninja Rangers have really had a rollercoaster ride for this entire league goign down and up and in the end down again. They witnessed a horrible losing streak and only managed to win 1 out of their last 13 games, so trance has alot of think about. Then again, NR has been really active squad with policy of letting as many players play as its possible. A large number of mid and low tier pilots have played for NR this season. Actually there are very few players who havent really played for NR for this season. The top picks for NR have been usually blood line, trance, lee, sponger and defense, endangered, s_fcdb, pressure, greg, ocb and avira have also represented the squad often. NR's 7th position after main season may come as a sign of weakness, but infact, on top of their game, they have been one of the most dangerous team in this league. They only lost to Creampie at scheduled games and the give-away game to Dexterity, to gain 7th spot and Sunday quarterfinal. All other teams have lost to NR when they have had their best online. So this makes this tie very interesting. Can NR get over their losing streak, can Smooth show up with their best lineup and still take it?

Prediction: Ninja Rangers to take it in 3 games. NR may seem an underdog, but with top lineups they have always been a real threat, definitely a close game and could take hours, but im going with NR win here.

Creampie vs Dexterity
Creampie was considered the clear favourite to win this league ever since draft. Things may have not gone always in favour of them, but with strong performances last week, they are once again back on track and ready for playoffs. Creampie has loads of top stars on their roster, but curiously they dont really have a specialized anchor, which has resulted hawkeye, kute and others anchoring in the games. With scan, yawn, zig, bog, mci and rico, Creampie really has a top roster, they even have a black horse in combo who has yet to show to a game this season. Creampie has always been a geniuine contender for title, their scheduled games have shown that. They have beaten every other top 5 team in those. Its not all that shiny though, losses to Eye fck and even more curious, Demons, show that they can get hurt and perhaps tend to underestimate their opponents at times.
Dexterity was for a long time in real trouble, but they really jumped into activity last week. With 18 games played, they were by far the most active team for last week and actually came out with positive 10-8 ratio. The win vs NR made them 6th ranked squad in the end, which will surely be a motivational boost for them. Dexterity does actually, as AG, have a very large and active roster, femme, darkknight, omega, aelderon, muggy, poem, incursion, unko man, taught, phildog, doomsy, oozie and hyu himself have all played their part in improving the team. Hyu has done a good job in trades and FA drafts and the team itself looks much stronger compared to draft. Its biggest weakness is probably also the same as with AG. They havent really been that impressive in scheduled games playing vs the top rosters. They have only won an early game vs Eye Fck, baconless Gaybirds and the sort of freewin vs NR last night. In every other game they have lost, so this makes one wonder if they really have what it takes to take out Creampie top 4?

Prediction: Creampie to win in 3 games. Creampie are known to underestimate their opponents and have lost to weaker teams before. Dexterity has experience to take advantage of it, but will ultimately lose when going gets tough.

Gaybirds vs Eye Fck
Gaybirds has been one of the most controversial teams in this league. Winning great games and also losing to newbies has been both on the menu for Demo and his boys. Gaybirds is probably the only team in this league, whos success depends so much on 1 person showing up or not. Bacon is absolutely crucial player for them and i havent really seen them getting any success without Bacon being involved in it. The period when Bacon was gone resulted in Gaybirds dropping as low as 6th, but with him returning they have also made their way back to 4th position. Gaybirds finished the season with one of the best recs of 7-3 in last week and only narrow loss to Creampie in last nights game prevented them from taking 3rd spot. Everything is not really black and white with bacon though, he can be also a problematic player as demokillerz has found out, if this team can stay strong and out of fights to perform well in this playoff is the big question. Apart from Bacon, Gaybirds has a variety of good players on their roster, dbz, demokillerz, h4b, kuppaaja, viti, zeker, duppa and others are all good players, but perhaps not as influential.
Eye Fck as i already predicted has been the most inactive of the top teams. Managing only 26 games for entire league, they were among 2 most inactive teams. Eye Fck has real quality on their roster though and they have proven it over and over again. In scheduled games, Eye Fck can be even considered sort of giant-killer with their great wins vs American Girls, Gaybirds, Creampie. In fact they only lost to Smooth Op out of all the top 4 teams, which shows the quality they have in their team. Then again, losses to Dexterity and Highz show that the results are extremely hard to predict. This is truly the team which can beat any other team on a good day and with a good showup and lose to any team on a bad day. Key players for Eye Fck have been so far qs, sin, peejay, saberclawxx, tou, fat mouse, trannysaurus rex, guap and mr shoe. Eye Fck did manage to beat Gaybirds in their scheduled game, can they do it again?

Prediction: Eye Fck in 3 games. Gaybirds will take the win in first, but Eye Fck will win second round, resulting in a lot of rage in GB and easy win in 3rd :)


Creampie vs Highz
Creampie have been the outstanding performers in EGEDL this season. Only losing 10 out of 54 games makes them the team to beat and by far the biggest favourites. Scan, turt, duke-, kute, hawkeye, zig and yawn are the key players for Creampie in this format.
Highz was the worst team in egedl for the longest time, but recent changes to team have made them rise and gain 8th spot in egedl. Now having a pretty good egedl team with players like delete, renowned, dazz, dre, hoontar, siren, can they pull themselves together and give it a go? As the team is out of playoffs in egbdl, this is their last chance to show something in this league.

Prediction: Creampie in 2 games

Gaybirds vs Eye Fck
Ever since league started, Gaybirds have followed Creampie in egedl and been the second strongest team. With dbz, bacon, demo and duppa they have potentially a very strong team, perhaps the bench looks a bit weaker compared to Creampie.
Eye Fck has not been as shiny in egedl compared to egbdl. They have a few wins and qs has shown some quality performances, but overall they dont look that strong in this format.

Prediction: Gaybirds in 2 games

Smooth Op vs American Girls
Smooth Op is another one of the favourite teams in egedl. With knitex, bombed, cyp, frankllr, vietside and nalryn they got a good roster. Of course bombed showing or not showing plays a real difference for this team.
American Girls hasnt been that interested in egedl and has been mainly concentrating on egbdl. They do have some good players for league like king, nao and odb, but considering it will be a saturday quarterfinal, i dont see them having many chances vs Smooth OP

Smooth Op in 2 games

Ninja Rangers vs Tycoon
Most interesting match up for egedl takes place in this game. NR has shown some good performances, with greg, lee, trance, blood line, flight69 and defense they have a very solid roster for any league match.
Tycoon has had ups and downs, but overall this teams egedl side is considered perhaps even better vs their baseduel roster. Termi, finite, office, mrwarrior, wildbird, nub and arach are all good players.
Prediction: Tycoon in 3 games
By Optimal
i can already feel the heat burning inside of me, biggest challenge so far for tycoon, but also for me, AG is the team to beat, and ill give all of my spirit to accomplishing that.
By king
nice writeup. interesting fact, but AG has been involved in every third game played, and while having most games played, we also have the highest W/L ratio with 1.83 in BD.
By Optimal
wrong for tycoon in both formats tho, lets see if we can keep proving lee wrong!

And the year just got worse.

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