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By Lee


1.1 – EGBDL/EGEDL matches will be played in a sub-arenas of SSCU Extreme Games.
1.2 - EGBDL/EGEDL is a draft league, which means that players will be drafted to various teams by their GMs (general managers)
1.3 - EGBDL/EGEDL will be played in 3 formats: unscheduled weekly matches, scheduled weekend matches, and playoffs following the main season.
1.4 - EGBDL/EGEDL will have same teams competing in 2 different formats: EGBDL (draft baseduel league) and EGEDL (elite draft league)
1.5 - a separate ranking system will be used for both formats with possibility of different teams making it to playoffs/winning the league.
1.6 - ELO system will be used to determine the rankings of teams. All refs need to post all game results right after they have happened to EGBDL/EGEDL forums, league coordinators will update the rankings on daily bases using ELO calculators like or similar.
1.7 - different k-values will be used for weekend and weekly matches (16 for weekly, 32 for weekend), to make scheduled games more important.
1.8 - EGBDL game will consist of 1 match played in baseduel arena with 5b1 system
1.9 - EGEDL game will consist of 1 match played in egl arena with each player having 5 deaths.
1.10 - top 8 teams make it to playoffs in both formats. Best of 3 games system is used starting from playoffs to determine winners.
1.11 - If a GM drops out during the season, a new GM picked by the squad(or number 1 pick by GM) will take over.
1.12 - Any of these rules and the following mentioned may be adjusted, added to, or removed if there is sufficient reason. This will not occur without first giving proper notice team captains.
1.13 - EGBDL/EGEDL Staff has the right to deny any player access for any reason and at any time
1.14 - Both EGBDL/EGEDL games take place after each other. Both teams can agree on playing the league game before baseduel one, but as a standard (or if GMs dont agree) baseduel match comes first. There is a maximum of 10 minute space before first game ending and second game starting, ref is obligated to start the second game even if both captains are not ready.


2.1 - It is possible to appeal the results of a match, if there is a serious and very clear infraction of the rules. You cannot appeal situations that cannot be verified (e.g. lag). Formal appeals should be written on EGBDL/EGEDL forum within 30 minutes after the end of the match. After a decision is reached, the League Operator will notify the GMs of both teams involved. The decision is final in all circumstances.
2.2 - Appeals containing questions and disputes, which are clearly resolved or dealt with in the rules, will be refused without question.
2.3 - Conduct must be appropriate while in a league arena during league play. If a referee or moderator asks someone to stop certain types of messages, they must stop. If a referee or moderator asks a player to cease behaviour that is deemed inappropriate, they must stop. If a player is argumentative, belligerent, racial, or rude to the ref, they will be kicked out of the zone. Pending a decision by the league coordinator, the player may be permanently banned. Ref abuse is totally unacceptable. Refs should be given added respect for the responsibility they have taken on in the first place.
2.4 - During a match, members of the spectator freq may not harass the teams and the players of the teams. If a team captain feels that spectators are being disruptive, then they must stop or face punishment.
2.5 - If a player is banned from the zone they become ineligible for a league match; likewise those punished for inappropriate behaviour during a league match can also be banned from the zone.


3.1 - Roster size for each team will be not limited, each GM can choose up to 2 captains. Only one team captain may assume authority over the team per league match.
3.2 - Being on two rosters will not be permitted. If such is attempted the player may be punished depending on the nature of this infraction. (i.e. unless it was a careless mistake on someone's part and out of control of the player in question)
3.3 - A player may not change registered names unless there is a clear and valid reason. Teams will also not be permitted to change their names during the season.
3.4 - A player is only permitted one name on a team's roster. The addition of multiple names is illegal and will be removed. The players and teams in question may also be punished.
3.5 - Name sharing is illegal and players that are caught will be punished.
3.6 - All players participating in EGBDL/EGEDL must be registered as a team under their designated team GM.
3.7 - A change of a team’s captain will only be allowed at the discretion of the EGBDL/EGEDL staff.
3.8 - EGBDL/EGEDL staff will recognize the team GM as the owner and administrator of the team. Only the existing team owner will have the authority and responsibility to transfer title of team captain to another person of the same team. The league coordinator can decide to remove the GM at the request of the team in extreme situations (e.g. death, inactivity, banned).
4. MATCH SCHEDULING (pending changes)

4.1 – Weekly matches will be not scheduled in EGBDL/EGEDL by staff. If teams want to have scheduled matches between themselves in either format, they are welcome to do so. Weekend matches will have a fixed preschedule, with games taking place both on Saturdays as well as Sundays, that schedule is final and cannot be changed. Playoff matches will have a fixed preschedule, but with a possibility to change if both GMs agree.
4.2 – Weekend matches and playoff matches can be scheduled for any timeslot between Saturday noon EST through Sunday 5:00PM EST.
4.3 - There will be a maximum of 2 matches per 30 minute time slot.
4.4 – All weekend matches will have teams facing both baseduel format as well as league format after baseduel match is over, playoffs will have a separate scheduling for both league and baseduel.


5.1 - All matches will have a Host referee, and possibly other referees assisting. All messages regarding the match must be sent to the Host referee. Any disputes that arise during the match must be sent either to the Host referee, or emailed to the League Coordinators after the game has been completed. During the game, the decisions made by the host ref are final.
5.2 - Teams may start up to 4 players, and have other team members spectate.
5.3 - Teams will be assigned a frequency of either 100 or 200. The starting players must go to that freq. Spectating team members may also go to that freq. Non-team spectators will be permitted on a team’s freq if the captain approves.
5.4 - Teams may start as few as 2 players. The opposing team does not have to match the start number of players. A team must have at least 2 eligible players present and starting to be recognized as having showed for the game. If less than 2 players show up it is counted as a no-show. If team members who are unable to play (e.g. stuck in spec because of connection difficulties) are present, they are not counted as "starting" players.
5.5 - Non-team substitutes (NTS) for absent players will be not allowed to play.
5.6 - If a team starts the game with less than 4 players, the unused starting slot(s) may only be filled by late-arriving team members.
5.7 - The Host referee will message both teams 10 minutes before the match of their game-time. The game will start at the scheduled time, giving the players and the referee’s 10 minutes to set up. No delays are allowed, a game will start even if one team is missing.
5.8 - Either team may request a no-blue-message match before the match begins. You must tell the host ref BEFORE the match begins. Spectators will then be told by the host ref in green that this is a no blue message match. If the match is declared a no blue, all spectators will be silenced.


6.1 - A match will consist of 1 matchup. ELO-system will determine the rankings of each team.
6.2 - All teams will earn a win, loss, or tie during each round. Standings will be updated daily. There will be no deadline extensions except when approved for a holiday, in which case the entire round will be extended. Teams that do not show up for a scheduled match will lose by default. A team that wins by default will receive the score of 20-0. If both teams do not show up then it is considered a tie, with the score of 0-0.

6.3 – There will be 20 minute timelimit to a game

6.4 - Each starting player slot will have 8"lives" during the match.
6.5 - Being killed by a teammate will count as a death to the player/slot that was killed, but the teammate who got the kill will not get a kill credited to his/her stats.
6.6 - If a player specs voluntarily or involuntarily and is not subbed out, he will be assigned a lag out.
6.7 - There are no shields, superpowers, proximities, or negative-effect power-ups in the League arenas.
6.8 - The bot will spec anyone that goes over the lag limits of the league. If a player is within the lag limits but is clearly showing signs of abusive lag, 2 staff members must agree to this being abusive and if this is agreed upon, the player will be spec'd and treated as a lagged player.
7.1 - Each player is allowed to ship change as many times as they want during the match. You are only allowed to ship change after a death and having not engaged in battle after the death. You have 15 seconds after the time you respawn to change into whatever ship you chose. You must private message the bot !sc #. The bot will then automatically announce your ship change to the rest of the arena.
7.2 - If you are a sub you need to message the bot your ship choice BEFORE you engage in battle. He will set you in that ship.
8.1 - Each team slot for a frequency may only be subbed for once, excluding lag-subs. This means that each team may have a maximum of 4 regular subs, one for each slot. Subs inherit the lives of the player they are subbing for. To make a substitution, the team captain should message the host privately to notify him of the player being subbed for, and the player coming in. The host ref will, if it is a legitimate sub, enter the new player in the bot and will announce the names and lives remaining of the players involved. Players who die while changing frequencies will NOT be assigned a death as long as they do not engage in battle, but attempt to flee the enemies (the player may NOT use repels to flee the area as that is considered engaging, he must simply run into a direction away from battle). The enemies are to NOT follow the player being subbed in. If the player engages before the referee has given him notice that he is allowed to engage, he will be assigned a death.
8.2 - If a team has a player eliminated, the "slot" the player was in cannot be subbed into. Subs can only take the place of "live" players.
8.3 - A player that has already played in the game may NOT sub back into the game.
8.4 - Any player entering without the host ref's explicit permission or legibility for the bot will be considered an ILLEGAL PLAYER, and will be asked to come out of the game by the ref (and possibly forced into spec). It will then be at the judgment of the host ref whether that player is allowed to sub or not later.

8.5 - If a player lags out 3 times in one match (he could have been disconnected, forced into spec, or assigned a lag out for being in spec and not being subbed), the player cannot play in that match any more. If a legitimate sub is available, the team may sub the lagged player. If the lagged player is a sub already, he may still be subbed.
8.6 - In any case of subbing or entering into game after lagout or dc, players ship must be burned by the ref.

9.1 - Victory conditions are as follows: (note: where "kill" is used below, team kills will NOT be considered. You do not get points for killing your own team; however, the OTHER team does get points and your teammate's death will count as a "kill" for the other team for purposes of satisfying victory conditions.)
- If one team is completely eliminated, the other team wins regardless of the current match score. (eg. team A starts 2 players, scores 15 kills, and team B starts 4 players and eliminates team A (10 kills). Team B wins.)
- If both teams successfully eliminate each other (a mutual kill when the score is 20-20, for example), the game will be called a TIE.
10.1 - A match will consist of 1 matchup. ELO-system will determine the rankings of each team. In final standings, in case of 2 or more teams having the same ELO, the number of games played will be the deciding factor (the more games, the higher ranked the team will be)
10.2 - Any abusing of the bot's warp glitch will result in immediate disqualification in that base. Meaning the other team will automatically get a 5-0 win by default. If unintentional warp glitch happens, you shall instantly re-attach back to your teammate. Refs have the authority to use their judgement and restart the round if the bot glitches.
10.3 - Games will start punctually with or without the presence of the teams participating.
10.4 - Players must be squadjoined to their teams and will have to be in the rosters to be able to participate. You may NOT use any other alias other than your primary alias to play. (Only exception is if you've lost your name and we'll have to do an alias check before the game starts)
10.5 - Safing is allowed. Points will be scored via safing.
10.6- If both teams die out in a duel or safe at the same time, that point will not be counted and the score will remain the same.
10.7 – In case of both teams dying out without reaching each others safe, the score will remain the same.
10.8 - In case of one team clearly making it to other teams safe, but bot fails to score the point for them, referee is obligated to restart the game by giving the point to the team who was unfairly stripped from it. (For example if team is leading 3-1, reaches nme safe, but bot does not warp nme team, but nme team instead reach their safe, the game is resetted and started again at score 4-1)
10.9 - In case of bots leaving arena, referee is obligated to memorize the score and restart the game as soon as possible with the remaining points to be played out.

11.1 - Every game, a team has unlimited sub options.
11.2 - The only way a team can sub is before/after a point is scored. A team will have 10 secs to do so after bot warps you to a side of a base. Subbing a player in the middle of point is not allowed.
11.3 – Incase of lagout or disconnect, team can sub in a player immediately.
11.4 - If a player lags out 3 times in one match (he could have been disconnected, forced into spec, or assigned a lag out for being in spec and not being subbed), the player cannot play in that match any more. If a legitimate sub is available, the team may sub the lagged player. If the lagged player is a sub already, he may still be subbed.
12. - EGBDL/EGEDL trading, releasing and signing players
12.1 - All transactions must be approved by the EGBDL/EGDRL coordinator in order for it to be considered official. Each transaction may be approved or denied for any reason that seems fit, which is based solely upon the EGBDL/EGEDL Coordinators discretion.
12.2 - It is up to the EGBDL/EGEDL coordinators sole discretion as to what aspect of roster changes are allowed and when.
12.3 - At no point in time is a player under any circumstances allowed to demand a trade or release from his/her specific team to another specific team. A player is allowed to demand a release or trade, just not to any specific team(s). Once a player is drafted/traded/signed to a team, his/her rights become the sole property of said team. Anyone caught trying to manipulate his way into another team is subject to be banned from the league for the season.
12.4 - All trades must be posted and agreed upon by the General Manager of each team involved, and nobody else, in order for it to be considered a valid transaction request.
12.5- A team may trade only equal number of players for others. So 2 players for 1 is not allowed, but 2 players for another 2 players is allowed.
12.6 – Trades involving more then 2 teams are also allowed. For example player a from team a to team b, player b from team b to team c and player c from team c to team a.
12.7 - For any reason what-so-ever, the EGBDL/EGEDL coordinator may deny the request of a trade at any point in time. It will be up to the sole discretion of the EGBDL/EGEDL coordinator to ensure all trading transactions are as even and fair as possible. Any trade deemed unfair or lop-sided may be cancelled by the coordinator.
12.8- Once a transaction is finalized, it is up to the GMs to notify the respective players involved of the deal that took place. It is up to the forum moderator to alter usergroups accordingly.
12.9 - A team is allowed to release a player, providing he has sufficient reason for doing so. The most valid reason is the "last seen more than 10 days ago" excuse. If a player and aliases have not been seen for more than 10 days, that is grounds for automatic release (providing the player in question did not leave a message saying he was going to be away for that amount of time). Other rules for grounds of release are on a case-by-case basis. All release requests have to be approved by the EGBDL/EGEDL coordinator to become official.
12.10 - Only players from the Free Agent list will be allowed to be signed to teams in the EGBDL/EGEDL by their respective GMs.
12.11 – Free agents will be drafted in similar way as main draft with teams randomly getting picking order. Free agent draft commences every sunday after enough players have been added to list in order to keep the team total player numbers equal.

Rules combined from egdl/egbdl/egl rules (thankx to lanowen, eura, sann, johnson, snacks, golfer and anyone else involved in creating those over time)
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By Lee
feel free to comment, was damn hard compiling something for this league as its quite unique format, if there are any errors, let me know
By jammu seta
Lee wrote: 11. EGEDL SUBBING:
should be 11. EGBDL SUBBING, cos theres already 8. EGEDL SUBBING

Lee wrote: 11.2 - The only way a team can sub is before/after a point is scored. A team will have 10 secs to do so after bot warps you to a side of a base. Subbing a player in the middle of point is not allowed.
11.3 – all subs will be handled by refs, team captain has to pm the ref about the sub. Any subs done without refs permission will be specced from game and a team has to play 3vs4.
wait so after a point ends, theres 10 seconds for team captain to pm ref about sub, ref to permit it, guy to get in, and change freq? or team cap pm's ref the sub during the point and then the sub is done when point ends?
Lee wrote: 9.1
- If one team is completely eliminated, the other team wins regardless of the current match score. (eg. team A starts 2 players, scores 21 kills, and team B starts 4 players and eliminates team A (20 kills). Team B wins.)
sounds interesting if each player has 5 deaths, since team A:s 2 players have a total death limit of 10, i dont see how team B can get 20 kills. Same way, if team A got 21 kills they would have killed out team B totally and then got 1 extra kill, 4 players x 5 deaths per player =20 kills/deaths per team
Lee wrote: 9.1
- If one team is completely eliminated, the other team wins regardless of the current match score. (eg. team A starts 2 players, scores 15 kills, and team B starts 4 players and eliminates team A (10 kills). Team B wins.)
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By Lee
1) ok
2) as you described it, 10 seconds is the time the sub has to get in, it has to be confirmed with ref during the point.
3) ya some mistake there
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By Lee
updated with jammus fixes, thanx
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By Lee
updated with changes to subbing/lagout rules (in red)
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By Lee
updated with timer in egedl (20 minutes), will be coded to bot, but has to be set manually until that time
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By Lee
edited rule 10.1 - in finals standings the team with more total games played will have an upperhand.
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By Lee
couple of new rules added (10.8 and 10.9) incase there are issues with bots (happened in one game already)
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By Lee
added rule 1.14, there is a maximum of 10 minutes between first game ending and second game starting. Of course teams are encouraged to start second game as soon as it is possible.
whats the lag limit on egbdl and egedl? i cant play egedl the other day got speccd for avg320?
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By Lee
H0ST wrote:whats the lag limit on egbdl and egedl? i cant play egedl the other day got speccd for avg320?
laglimites should be the same as in pub (at least fc confirmed they should?)
okay can somebody help look into it because i got specced just yesterday at league game, do take note of the special limits
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By Lee
change in rule 2.1

And the year just got worse.

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