Extreme Games Flagging League

Extreme Games Flagging League Rules

—-Note: Some of the rules may still be changed and/or altered—–

1.1 EGFL is an Extreme Games (EG) sponsored event that will consist of two EG squads battling for possession of 30 flags.

1.2 Extreme Games Flagging League matches will be played in a announced sub arena of SSCX Extreme Games.

1.3 If a team drops out during the season, a new team from the waiting list will be added to that team slot. The new team will not inherit the record of the team it is replacing. The new team will finish off the rest of the former teams? schedule. Depending on how the new team finishes, it is possible for the newly added team to make the playoffs.

1.4 Any of these rules and the following mentioned might be adjusted, added to, or removed if there is a sufficient reason. This will not ever occur without proper notice being given to team captains.

2.1 Any issues regarding match disputes and/or rule violations must be sent to the EGFL Staff by the captain of squad for review no later than 24 hours after of the match in question has been played. Any and all decisions made by the EGFL Staff, after adequate review, are final. The decision of the EGFL Staff will be communicated to the captains of both squads via email.

2.2 Appeals containing questions and disputes, which are clearly resolved by, or dealt within the rules stated here will be denied a review without debate.

2.3 No form of ?double squadding? will be permitted. ?Double squadding? is defined as a any playing having one (1) or more EGFL registered nicks on more than one (1) EGFL squads.

2.4 Players are not permitted to have two (2) or more nicks within the arena they are playing their match in. This includes but is not limited to the use of two (2) PCs and/or running the Continuum client twice on one PC or any other forms that results in giving a player an unfair advantage.

2.5 Players are not permitted to share nicks with any other player for any reason.

2.6 Using any form of cheating, which includes but is not limited to ?forcing?, ?unplugging?, exploiting Continuum in a fashion other than it was intended for and/or using any third-party software, will be dealt with harshly any may result in a ban from the zone.

2.7 Conduct must be appropriate while in a League arena during League play. If a referee or moderator asks someone to stop certain types of messages, they must stop immediately. If a referee or moderator asks a player to cease behavior that is deemed inappropriate, they must stop immediately. If a player is argumentative, belligerent, racial, or rude to the referee, they will be kicked out of the zone. Pending a decision by the EGFL league coordinator the player may be permanently banned. Referee abuse of any kind is totally unacceptable. Referees should be given proper respect that is commensurate with the responsibilities they have.

2.8 During a match any form of messaging (i.e. private, squad, frequency, etc.) to another player that is actively playing and not on the same squad will not be permitted. This will be considered a form of interference.

2.9 A player may not change names during a season, unless the squad captain updates the player?s squad roster with that name. All name changes will be subject to the same restriction outlined in rule 3.6.

3.1 All players who wish to participate must be officially registered and a member of that squad?s squad. All squads who wish to participate must be in a register EGFL squad. Their designated EGFL squad captain(s) is responsible for performing the above activity.

3.2 In order to be eligible to play, all players must meet the following requirements:
3.2.a Joined to their EGFL registered squad
3.2.b On the roster for their EGFL registered squad
3.2.c Not banned from playing in the Extreme Games (EG) zone

3.3 Squads will not be allowed to change their names during the season unless agree to by the EGFL Staff.

3.4 A change of a squad?s squad captain will only be allowed if official notice is given to the EGFL Staff by the squad owner or the like.

3.5 Each squad must have a roster minimum of 20, non-fictional players in order to participate as stated in section 3.2. Nicks shared by one of more players will not count toward the minimum roster requirement. Roster size for each squad will be limited to 35 registered members.

3.6 Any player addition or name change to a team?s roster after the pre-season has concluded will be ineligible for seven (7) days. A roster lock will be introduced sometime toward the end of the 5th week of the regular season as announced by the EGFL Staff.

3.7 Each squad will appoint two (2) team captains to represent the squad. Only one (1) team captain may assume authority over the squad per match. If neither of the two (2) are present at a match, another player may take the leading role, usually with squad consensus.

3.8 EGFL Staff will recognize the squad captain as the owner and administrator of the EGFL squad. Only the existing squad owner, or the like, will have the authority and responsibility to transfer the title of squad captain(s), should the need arise. The EGFL Staff can decide to remove the captain at the request of the squad in extreme situations where the captain is no longer available to perform his or her duties.

4.1 All matches must be scheduled, discussed and confirmed in the EGFL scheduling forum by Thursday at 10:00 PM EST. Any match not scheduled in the forum will not be honored.

4.2 All EGFL matches must be scheduled to occur between 7:00 PM EST Friday and 11:00 PM EST Sunday. All teams will have a fixed schedule, with option of changing the game time if both squads agree with it and post it publicly on forum. Daylight Savings Time will be honored as defined by National Institute of Standards and Technology ( http://www.nist.gov ).

4.3 There will be a minimum of 1-hour gap between start time of different games.

4.4 The day and time recommendations posted by each squad captain are binding and cannot be retracted without EGFL Staff consent. If for example squad captains stated their squads want to reschedule a match to 3 PM ET on a Saturday, then that time will be official and will not be changed anymore.

5.1 Squads may start up to 10 players, and have other squad members spectate in a public or a private freq of their choosing. The minimum number of players a team must have to start a match is seven (7). A team starting with less then seven (7) will forfeit the game. If a squad starts less than 10 players, the other squad is not required to match the same number. If a squad drops below seven (7) players, play will continue.

5.2 If a squad starts the game with less than ten (10) players, the unused starting slot(s) may be filled by late-arriving eligible squad members, but cannot exceed 10 active players.

5.3 Squads will be assigned a ?playing? private frequency before the match (100 & 200). The starting ten (10), or less, players must go to that frequency unless set by the referee or the bot. Spectating squad members may also go to their squad?s private playing frequency. Non-squad members are not permitted on playing private frequency. Referees are allowed to be present on each squad?s frequency for the purpose of monitoring or setting up the game.

5.4 Every match, except playoffs will have a time limit of 2 hours (120 minutes). Overtime will apply if a team has all 30 flags and is in the process of winning. If the team with all 30 flags fails to win during that attempt, the game automatically ends and is a tie. If the team successfully drops all 30 flags, they will be awarded with a win. To see the time remaining during a match, type ?time.

5.5 Only the active captain can speak for the squad. The referee will not receive instructions from any other squad member unless the captain gives responsibility to said player. If the captain lags out during play, the backup captain will be consulted until the primary captain returns. If both captains become unavailable, the ref will use his/her discretion in determining who will be the acting captain.

5.6 All matches will be played with a no-blue public chat.

5.7 All matches will have a host referee and an assistant referee. All messages regarding the match must be sent to the host referee. Any disputes that arise during the match must be sent either to the host referee, or emailed to the EGFL League Coordinators after the game has been completed. During the game, the decisions made by the host referee are final. Any changes in hosting referees will be announced to the arena. If for any reason, all referees are disconnected, use the ?help command to request a moderator to aid in finishing the match. If no referees and/or moderator are available the match must be stopped and rescheduled at a later day/time.

5.8 If requested by either of the two captains, a 10-minute delay can be granted to allow a squad additional time before the start of a match. Only one (1) 10-minute delay will be granted per game regardless of which squad requests the delay. The referee will have discretion to extend any delay to ensure proper game setup. The referee delay only applies to non-squad related setup issues (i.e. zone spikes, bot issues, roster verification, etc.). At no time can the referee delay a game based on squad related issues.

5.9 The Host referee will message both teams 10 and 5 minutes before the match of their game-time and the arena they will be playing in. The game will start at the scheduled time, giving the players and the referees 10 minutes to get set up.

5.10 The referee will private-message the designated captain of each squad to verify his or her squad is ready to start the match. If a timely response is not received to either start the match or request a 10-minute delay, the referee will start the match immediately. If the game is delayed, the referee will private-message the designated captain of each squad again to verify his or her squad is ready to start the match. If a timely response is not received to start the match, the referee will start the match immediately.

6.1 All teams will earn a win, loss, or tie during each round. Standings will be updated after every match. There will be no deadline extensions except when approved for a holiday, in which case the entire round will be extended. Teams that do not show up for a scheduled match will lose by default. Teams that no-show two (2) times during the season will be dropped from the league.

6.2 Flags can be moved by a squad as a result of a ?bad? drop. Members of the squad are permitted to go to another private frequency for the sole purpose of picking up flags that have not been successfully dropped in that squad?s flag room. The referee must approve this before any flags can be moved. The number of active players on the squad?s playing frequency, plus the number of active players on the ?moving? frequency, must not exceed 10. Any player that causes the total to exceed 10 will be spectated without warning. Once the flag(s) have been picked up, another member of that player?s squad on the active playing frequency must kill the flag carrier immediately. The other squad is permitted to kill players on either frequency (the active or ?moving? frequency) and/or take any flags from the other squad regardless of the condition of the drop. If there are no flags to be moved as a result of the bad drop, or the drop has been corrected, then all players who were on the ?moving? frequency must either return to the active frequency or spectate.
6.2.a Players fixing bad drops or carrying the flags that were previously bad dropped in base are not allowed to kill with flags. If at any point in time the player continues to kill with flag/flags. He/she will be specced by the ref immediately without warning and locked in spec for 10 minutes. His team will be allowed to fill the spot.
6.2.b Players fixing drops or carrying the flags that were previously bad dropped in base are allowed to neut the flags. Once flags have been neuted in center, there will be no restrictions to what both teams do with the flags. Center neuts will be free for all. Both teams will be allowed to anchor/drop or deal with the flags any way they want to.

6.3 Intentional ?quick-winning?, which is the process of dropping flags before the timer naturally expires as a result of the flag carrier getting killed by a member of the same frequency, is illegal and will result in an instant loss to the offending squad. If an accidental quick-win results in a squad dropping the last flag(s), then that game will be re-played at a later date from scratch. The EGFL Staff has final say in determining if a ?quick-win? was accidental or not.

6.4 Spectators are not permitted to spam any players that are playing in a match or any EGFL Staff an effort to disrupt game play. This may result in the offender being silenced and/or kicked from the arena.

6.5 If the server recycles, which disrupts the match, then the referee will work with the two captains to restore the following to the same conditions as best as possible. However, if the acting captains of both squads agree to a full restart then items “a” through “e” below does not apply.
6.5.a Any dropped, based flags owned by each squad will be will be picked up by the owning freq?s captain or designated player and placed in the base they occupied prior to the recycle. Any dropped flags that were not in a base prior to the recycle or were being carried, are not permitted to ?based?. Any squad that has their flags in two or more bases will be required to consolidate all their flags into one base that they previously occupied. If any base has shared flags, then the referee will use his or her discretion to determine which squad gets which base. Any un-owned nueted or non-based flags will remain nueted in center. Any carried flags at the time of the recycle will be consider ?not dropped? and as such will left nueted in center.
6.5.b All balls that were in occupied base(s) will be returned to the owning squad, based on who owned them at the time of the recycle.
6.5.c A flag room anchor will be allowed to green anti and return to their base.
6.5.d A front anchor will be allowed to green briefly and return to their base.
6.5.e All other players not mentioned above will be required to stay in center safe until the ref re-starts the match. No greening is permitted by anyone except for the front and flag room anchors. No flag, score or ship reset will occur on the re-start.
6.5.f The timer will be set to the remaining time left.

6.6 If the server recycles and results in the inability to continue play due to sever instability or unavailability of the zone, then the game will be rescheduled at a later time. All reschedule games will be restarted as a new game similar to that if the game was never played. There will be no pre-setups performed similar to section 6.5. The EGFL Staff have final say in determining if a match cannot be played due to server issues.

6.7 All of the rules that apply in the main arenas of Extreme Games also apply in EGFL.

6.8 All players in EGFL will use the current, approved Continuum subspace client.

6.9 The latency limits that are defined for the bot will apply to EGFL matches and will be enforced by a bot and/or referee. Players will not be allowed to play while in violation of the latency (lag) limits. If a player should have a quick burst of invincible lag and use it to his/her advantage, by deliberately by rushing into a flag room or past a considerable amount of players absorbing bombs and/or bullets, he will be spectated for ten (10) minutes. No sub will be awarded for that duration if said abuse occurs. It?s strongly recommended that the player in question defend, anchor, or pull back if they having a burst of lag. This penalty only applies to extremely severe occurrences. Normally any player exceeding the limit will only be spectated until it subsides and a replacement player will be allowed during this time. Referee also have the authority to spec any player they deem lagging unfairly.

6.10 If a player is disconnected, forced into spectator mode or spectated by the referee for high lag five (5) times during a single match, and fault is found with the player and not zone, the player in no longer permitted to play for the remainder of that match. The player must be substituted out with another eligible player.

6.11 It is the responsibility of the captain to manage his/her substitutes. Substitutes are free to enter during a match so long as the maximum number of players is not exceeded.

6.12 Players can change ships as often as they prefer during a league match.

6.13 As stated in section 3.2, all active players in a match must be squad-joined to their respective squad. This squad name must be evident in the F2 squad-view list. At no time will a referee verify a player has joined his/her squad by using the ?squad command. If a player is joined to their squad but the name does not show up on the F2 list, that player must exit the zone and re-enter so that the squad name correctly appears on the F2 list in order to be eligible to play.

6.14 Squads are required to pick up flags that are obtained as a result of a team taking an enemy base, and only as either freq 100 or 200.

7.1 In order for the match to be considered a win, one squad must gather all 30 flags and drop those flags for their squad within 2 hours (or overtime, see 5.4). If neither squad has won by the end of the allotted time a tie will be awarded for both squads.

7.2 Matches during playoffs shall have no time limit.

7.3 At any time a squad may request that their game be forfeit for whatever reason. This will count as a loss to that squad and the match will not be rescheduled.